Curriculum Aims


As a school we have always been strong in areas such as themed cross curricular work linking subjects and key numeracy and literacy skills. We thrive, as a teaching community, through creating new and interesting learning journeys, consisting of hands on, practical learning experiences and sustained shared thinking for our pupils. Providing challenge and depth of thinking.

Our current and future aim is to embed and develop these principles through our committed investment in new technology. The school is now equipped with Learn Pads, iPads, Smart Tables, alongside our electronic whiteboards which access services such as Education City & Espresso. We use these technologies creatively across the curriculum, targeting personal and collective learning needs to engage, motivate and inspire children’s independent learning in the classroom and beyond. We can and have run workshops with parents and carers so that they can understand the technologies to aid their support of their children’s learning.

We believe that 21st Century learners need to be:
creative / collaborators / communicators / critical thinkers / problem solvers / independent researchers / responsible citizens / able to drive their own learning

What does this look like at Christ Church:

creative  Children will be supported in their exploration, play and curiosity. They will have access to a wide variety of practical and thought provoking activities, equipment and experiences.

collaborators Children will learn and work alongside and with their peers, using and adapting to a range of different skills and abilities within their classes / groups.

communicators Children will communicate through talking, stories, rhymes and music, during adult led and peer led activities.

critical thinkers Children will be making choices about what they do, they will reflect on their successes and mistakes, learning to manage  risks.

problem solvers Children will be supported and encouraged to find out for themselves how things work, what things do, what happens if …..

independent researchers Childrens interests will be supported, and they will be allowed time and space to explore, share and analyse their discoveries.

responsible citizens Children will learn respect and manners, they will learn to share and take turns. They will learn to be good friends, and care for themselves, others and their environment.

able to drive their own learning – Children are given the opportunity to explore their own learning and take risks where appropriate, but encouraged to persevere.

How we teach Reading at Christ Church

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Year 1 Curriculum

Year 2 Curriculum

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If you would like more information and to discuss further what and how we are learning, please come and have a chat.