School Blog – Autumn Winter 2014-2015

  • 2nd April 2015 –

    XXXXXXXXXXPlease have a good holiday.XXXXXXXXXX

    Easter 2015

    This week the whole school has been taking part in learning about Easter. We have been reading and discussing the Easter story and the Year 1/2 children have performed the story at the Church Service. Bonnet Making was a go for our Easter Parade and Church ceremony, and finally but most importantly the chicks hatched so we have been learning all about new life.


  • 27th March 2015 –
    • School Renovations are coming along well.

    KS1 – Science and Art

    This term we have been learning about the needs of plants and the different parts of plants, during this time we have been looking in detail at many different flowers and flower names. We have done some observational drawing of flowers and plants as part of this work, so that the children can develop an understanding of the parts and development of plants and flowers alongside a true visual aid.


  • 20th March 2015 –KS1 – Bread MakingAs part of our – Where does food come from? question,  we have been making bread. We have been investigating and learning about all the different ingredients in bread. Where they come from, how they grow, what they need to grow and finally how we make it into bread with a few chemical reactions.



  • KS1 – All About MeNew Artists and Art consolidation. This term we have been exploring self-portraits and portraits,  and the various different ways to create and develop these. We have been looking at the history of portraiture and why they have traditionally been made. The children have recorded from observation, experience and imagination. Represented their own ideas and feelings, through different art forms such as Cubism, and using techniques from other historical and current artists. They have looked at how images can affect history with the way they are created.

    IMG_0939IMG_095113th March 2015 –

    *********Thank you so much to all the parents, carers, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Brothers and Sisters who came to our  – Sharing Learning family afternoon. It was an amazing turn out, to share the children’s hard work, and to enjoy a Mother’s Day Assembly & Comic Relief fundraising day************

    Here are some pictures of the afternoon –

    Snippets of learning from KS1 – 

    6th March 2015 – This week was DINOSAUR week!

    • This week in KS1 we had the fantastic experience of seeing Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo Live.249121_455260764566415_387419628_n
    • This was a fantastic day that the children really enjoyed. They had some face to face experiences with the ideas of what dinosaurs would really have been like.

    In relation to Dinosaurs we have been learning about –

    • Writing about our experiences, focusing on description and connectives.

    IMG_4409How our world has come about, how the earth has changed over millions of years, and will continue to chang

  • Pangea_by_DesperateDuchess
  • The differences between how people believe the world began, science and religions and what the children feel about these theories.

27th Feb 2015 – Welcome Back! We hope you had a good half term. 

  • Whilst you were away the staff have been planning some exciting work for this half term, and updating displays of your fantastic work, making sure our class spaces work better for our learning.

MODERNISED NEW SCHOOL HALL – We are almost finished in the hall too. The roof is fixed, it has been decorated, new lighting, new window blinds, and new dinner tables. Let’s remember though – This is one of your RIGHTS as a child at Christ Church, TO HAVE A GOOD USABLE PLACE TO LEARN. However we also have to remember one of our RESPONSIBILITIES with this, which is TO MAKE SURE WE TAKE CARE OF OUR SCHOOL AND HELP TO KEEP IT A NICE PLACE TO BE.  

KEY STAGE 1 –  This week we have started our READY, SET, GROW work, continuing to look at our own growing, like last half term, but extending our learning connected to plants and the environment. We continue to make new connections and understanding about growing, changing and developing. 

Here’s a snippet or two from this weeks learning – 

EYFS – This week we have had a new pupil join us, so a big WELCOME to them. 

  • During half term it was Chinese New Year, so in EYFS we have a new Chinese celebration Role Play area. 
  • We are also coming into spring, so look forward to a lot of spring investigations involving our immediate environments.

Here’s a snippet or two from this weeks learning – 

268135th Feb 2015 – Key Stage 1



This is a collaborative story, imagined, written, performed, drawn and assembled by the Year 1 / 2 class at Christ Church Infants School, Newark – on  – Trent, and their teacher Mrs Brownlee. Our history topic has been the Victorians, our local school and area in victorian times. we have tried to create stories around this time, using factual information we have learnt, and imagining ourselves as Victorians. All 27 of us have a piece of our work in this video story.
  • This week we have the honor of attending the Twenty Man Awards.
  • As a school we entered the ‘Twenty Man Awards’ with Newark and Sherwood District Council, this involved story writing and creating, linked to history and our local area. As our topic at the time was Victorians we used this as the basis for our collaborative work.
  • We are really pleased to inform you that the children’s work has been selected from 250 entries, to be shortlisted for Best Group Story category, and the Best School Award. The winners will be announced as well as all shortlisted work shown at an event at the Palace Theatre in Newark on Thursday the 5th Feb 2015.
184Foundation Unit Spring Jan – Feb 2015
Gruffalo Crumble!!!!!!!

The Gruffalo is one of those amzing stories that captures so many fantastic ideas, but also opens the way for creative

and devolpemntal learning just right for foundation stage. Foundation have been hard at work deep in the world of the Gruffalo, learning through many different elements incorporated into their thematic curriculum.:

  • Gruffalo role play
  • Gruffalo story sequencing
  • Gruffalo large pairs matching
  • Gruffalo small pairs matching
  • Matching specific words to charcters.
  • Matching rhyming pairs.
  • Making  puppets, caves etc.
  • Writing the roasted fox, owl icecream, scrambled snake and Gruffalo crumble recipes.
  • Speech bubble writing for the characters.
  • Story retelling, developing.
  • Gruffalo childs diary writing.
  • Small world Gruffalo.
  • Maths mouse journey games in PE.
  • Gruffalo dance.
  • Building our own Gruffalo.
  • Gruffalo songs.
  • Story writing frames if the children would like to write their own Gruffalo story

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26813Key Stage 1 Jan – Feb 2015

 Ready, Set, Grow………………

This term so far we have been learning all about ourselves and other animals, thinking about these different aspects of the world on our learning journey.

  • The Human body /  Human body investigation / Living and non living
  • Animals and humans and how we are similar or different / Animals and their babies / Human and animal senses / Curry senses through cookery /
  • Gifts and talents / Feeling pround / Proud or jealous / Helping others to feel good about themselves / Feeling worried or scared
  • Ourselves in the past and present / Past present and future changing / Important events in our personal history
  • Portraits and photographs / Self portraits / Picasso cubism / Colour mixing self portrait silhouettes
  • The place where I live / Our journeys to school
  • Musical instruments from everyday objects / Using our selves as instruments Acapella and Beat Boxing
  • Please have a look at Pentatonix – 
  • Judaism / Shabbatt artifacts / Jewish celebrations / How do people celebrate / Cake design and baking
  • Have a look and see what Grover learns in Sesame Street – 

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Whole School
Week 6 – Feb 9th – 13th

  • Writing Trophies – 
  • FOUNDATION – ???????????
  • YEAR 1 – ???????????
  • YEAR 2 – ????????
  • Attendance Award – ********??????????????*********
Whole SchoolWeek 5 – Feb 2nd – 6th
  • Attendance Award – ********Foundation 2*********

Whole SchoolWeek 4 – Jan 26th – 30th

Writing Trophies – 

  • YEAR 1 – Luciana
  • YEAR 2 – Isabelle
  • Attendance Award – ********Foundation 2*********

Whole School

Week 3 – Jan 19th – 23rd

  • Attendance Award – ********Year 1/2*********

Whole SchoolWeek 2 – Jan 12th – 16th

Writing Trophies –

  • FOUNDATION – Honey
  • YEAR 1 – Blu  
  • YEAR 2 – Lee
  • Attendance Award – ********Year1/2*********

Whole SchoolWeek 1 – Jan 5th – 9th

  • Attendance Award – ********Year1/2*********

Autumn / Winter 2014 

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